Celebrate with Me!

Celebrate with Me! #giveaway Retro Modern Melissa

This post contains affiliate links. Pretty please buy through them! :-) I’ll get a little something if you do, which can help me sponsor more giveaways and of course add to my personal fluffy stash.

Time to celebrate! I’ve been blogging for a year now. Looking back, I never thought that my blog would be where it’s at right now. Heck, I didn’t even know about reviews and all the cool opportunities I could get by blogging. I just jumped in blind with both feet. I think things have turned out all right so far. :-)

So not only have I been blogging for a year now, but my blog has and is changing, so I decided to change the name. Instead of ClothDiaperingAgain.com, it’s now Retro Modern Melissa. I’m expanding beyond cloth diapering, and I’m hoping to share reviews with you of things not cloth diaper related. I’ll also be sharing recipes, how to make your own household cleaners and beauty items, and (when we actually get started in the coming school year) our journey into homeschooling. Yep, I live a retro life (cloth diapering, recycling/reusing, homeschooling), while enjoying modern conveniences (hello, pocket diapers, Ergo, and high-efficiency washers!).

All I can say is thank you to you, my readers, because if it weren’t for you, my blog would not be where it is now. So thank you a thousand times! And to celebrate, I got together a little giveaway to celebrate!

What’s up for grabs? Well, I had to split up the giveaway into two, one for US/CA and one for US only. Some of these I’m sponsoring, while the others are from the companies, and I have to say, I feel really honored that they have agreed to sponsoring a prize for my little celebration!

So if you live in the US or Canada, you can enter to win the following using the entry form right underneath:

  • $10 credit to Snappy Greens, my personal favorite WAHM. I can’t recommend Snappy Greens enough. Everything she makes is of awesome quality. Looking for something handmade with awesome quality by an awesome WAHM? Look no further than Rebecca of Snappy Greens.
  • A pair of Diaper Dawgs in your choice of colors and a set of 12 cloth wipes. Love these things!
  • Three stain sticks from Bunchafarmers. I discovered that they actually soften our diapers, as well as remove stains!
  • A cover, insert, and wet bag in your choice of color from Buttons Diapers. These are great diapers.
  • *Updated* Change purse with wristlet from Maxwell Designs.

US only can enter to win these goodies using this last giveaway form:

The sponsors will ship the prizes directly to the winners. Good luck and thank you!

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9 Responses to Celebrate with Me!

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  3. christine k says:

    You have the wrong twitter handle for @bunchafarmers

  4. Wendi S says:

    Thanks for the chance, Melissa. Congratulations on your anniversary!

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  7. Shanna M says:

    Melissa, Thanks so much! I sent you my address via email. :) Can’t wait to get all the cute stuff

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